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To celebrate the one year anniversary of the S&S blog, I visited the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy. You could not take a bad photo in that place if you tried. It was quiet, peaceful and humbling. Just as a place of worship should be


(via Honda C70 – Minority Custom Motorcycles | Pipeburn.com)

drop bars if i ever saw them!

It’s the little things that make an average frame stand out. Old style tread, dynamo, springer seat and pedals. BAM and the mundane is gone.

Takhion was a special make of sport bicycle from Kharkov, Ukraine, in former-USSR.A Tachyon: (in Physics) is a hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than speed of light.


Derringer Electric Bike.


Derringer Electric Bike.

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Sir Pete - Riding the fixie wave all the way to the canals of Groningen, is this laid back, disco infused fixed gear mecca. Stocking all the big playas, like UNKNOWN, Affinty, BLB, Leader and Schindelhauer, Sir Pete does everything from ground up builds to full restos.

JOPO! (JOkaisen POlkupyörä - Everybody’s Bike) A finnish industrial icon.  Available in a range of colours (pink for the Swedes). That frame is PRESSED STEEL fyi.

"Life’s too short to ride shit bikes."

Sir Pete

Your classic 70’s boom bike! When will the next boom be?

"I want people to understand how precious energy is, and how hard it is to come by" - Pedal Power

Do you know how much 30 watts is? It’s roughly 15km/h on your bike. Your 5th gen PS3 will use 180W, Imagine how fast you would have to pedal just to play GTA V?

Get around design that heightens our appreciation for our limited resources!